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EONS V1.1.3 Release 362

Bugs Fixes: None. Models modifications: Internals: All models are generated using SBML and incorporated in EONS New numerical methods significantly decrease computation time (Heun-Euler, RKF and BDF2TRAP variable step methods) Simplified presynaptic calcium diffusion available Neurotransmitter diffusion based on Savtchenko paper (faster than 2D convolution) Code cleanup: A lot of cleanup in the main interface classes. Enhancements: Significant reduction in memory usage Significant speed improvement Anti-aliasing used by default (after detection of the client OS and the determination of the appropriate font to use) One can now save the results in Matlab format Interface cleaned up a bit

New Version of EONS v1.1.3

New Version of EONS < a href="">v1.1.3. Significant speed improvements, GABA feed-forward, etc… (see history for release notes)