Cluster C. Neurostimulation & Functional Neurosurgery

Model-based Cognitive Neuroprostheses and Design of Optimal Multi-Unit Neurostimulation Patterns

Collaborative Project C1
Sam Deadwyler, Ph.D. & Rob Hampson, Ph.D.(Project leaders)
Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC)
Theodore W. Berger, Ph.D. (Primary BMSR Liaison)

The goal of this project is to advance our quantitative scientific understanding of functional interconnectivity between neuronal ensembles and to facilitate the design of (near-) optimal multi-unit neuro-stimulation patterns that can be used in cognitive neuroprostheses. The project has the following Specific Aims:

  • Examine PDM-based MIMO models of neuronal interconnectivity in the rodent hippocampus for various tasks and evaluate the efficacy of designed neurostimulation patterns.
  • Examine how these MIMO models generalize among tasks and how they are affected by the complexity of the task or external factors (e.g. distractions, discomfort etc.)

Optimization of Deep Brain Stimulation Procedures

Collaborative Project C2
Mark Liker, MD (Project leader)
USC Keck School of Medicine (Los Angeles, CA)
Vasilis Z. Marmarelis, Ph.D. (Primary BMSR Liaisons)

The goal of this project is to advance our understanding of the neurophysiological processes underlying certain neuropathologies that cause movement disorders and to optimize certain critical DBS procedures, such as the navigation process for electrode placement and the selection of stimulation parameters. The following Specific Aims will be pursued:

  • Examine the neurophysiological processes in the basal ganglia using input-output modeling of data collected during the insertion of the electrode.
  • Examine the causal dynamic relationship between specific patterns of DBS stimulation and effects on motor behavior using input-output models.
  • Optimize the DBS stimulation parameters for movement disorders (starting with essential tremor) using dynamic input-output data-based models.

Anti-epileptic Hippocampal Stimulation

Collaborative Project C3
Charles Liu, MD, Ph.D. & Christi Heck, MD, Ph.D. (Project leaders)
USC Keck School of Medicine (Los Angeles, CA)
Theodore W. Berger, Ph.D. (Primary BMSR Liaisons)

Modeling and Neurostimulation in the Visual Cortex

Collaborative Project C4
Chris Pack, Ph.D. & Theodoros Zanos, Ph.D. (Project leaders)
McGill University & Montreal Neurological Institute (Montreal, Canada)
Vasilis Z. Marmarelis, Ph.D. (Primary BMSR Liaisons)

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