Archive for 2017

Support for Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 2018

ADAPT (version 5.0.057). The installation was updated to conform to IntelĀ® Visual Fortran Compiler 2018 for Windows on both 32 and 64bit processors. See Installation Tab file on the ADAPT download page of the BMSR web site for full details. A bug in the NPD application plotting function was corrected. A bug in the run file display capability (Filedisp) for some non-English language Windows systems was corrected.

Validation Utility update for Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017

ADAPT (version 5.0.056). The Validation Utility was updated to run more efficiently under Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017. SIM options 3 and 4 updated to allow setting fixed parameters during program run.

Address problem with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017

ADAPT (version 5.0.055). The installation was updated to be compatible Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 for those installations in which MVS is installed separately (see V5InstallationValidationWEB055.pdf file, p. 3 section 2.2.1 for further information regarding this case.)