Release of TARGETgene

The vast array of in silico resources currently available in the life sciences research offers the possibility of aiding the drug discovery process. Core Project 1 of the BMSR has developed TARGETgene to exploit these resources and to allow the identification of potential therapeutic targets and drugs in cancer using genetic network-based approaches. TARGETgene is a MATLAB tool that can rapidly extract genetic interactions from a precompiled database, allowing millions of interactions involving thousands of candidate genes to be mapped within minutes to a gene network we developed for this purpose (Wu, Asgharzadeh, Triche, D’Argenio, Bioinformatics 26:807-813, 2010).

An Overview, User’s Guide and Installation details for TARGETgene are provide on this web site.  See also the following publication: Wu, D’Argenio, Asgharzadeh, Triche. PLos ONE 7:e43305, 2012.

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