Installing ADAPT

Prior to installing ADAPT you will need to install one of the supported Fortran Compilers (see post on System Requirements for ADAPT). ADAPT 5 can be downloaded from the BMSR the web site and installed by clicking on the installation icon. The default path for installation of ADAPT is C:\Program Files\BMSR\ADAPT 5. The installation folder also includes the subfolder \Example, which includes the files used for the examples in this User’s Guide. Another subfolder, \Library, contains all the model files that are available in the ADAPT Library.

After successful installation, the installation can be validated by running the Validation program (ValidateADAPT) in the ADAPT 5 Program Group as indicated shown below. This process will run over 25 examples invoking various features of all of the ADAPT programs, and will compare the results obtain from the user’s installation to the set of results distributed with ADAPT. If these two sets of results are in agreement the window shown below will be displayed. The full set of results from the validation (all files created by ADAPT) are archived in the validation folder C:\Program Files\BMSR\ADAPT 5\Validation (default location), that contains all the model, data, parameter and control input files used to validate the ADAPT 5 installation

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