EONS V1.1.2 Release 141

Bugs Fixes: Issues on Linux and Mac clients should be fixed.
Models modifications:

  • A LOT OF Internal modifications: we are heading towards full compatibility with SBML. i.e. in a near future, you will be able to develop your own elementary model (NMDA receptor, calcium channels, etc…) and incorporate it in EONS
  • New VDCCs implement a variable step method (significant gain in computation time)
  • Optimized parameters of presynaptic calcium diffusion
  • Spine neck resistance added in postsynaptic depolarization calculation

Code cleanup: Some cleanup in the main interface classes.

  • Significant reduction in memory usage
  • Significant speed improvement
  • Anti-aliasing used by default (after detection of the client OS and the determination of the appropriate font to use)
  • One can now save the results in Matlab format

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